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Glenmorangie Distillery

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Memorable – that’s the way to describe a visit to the beautiful Glenmorangie distillery. It is located on the peaceful banks of the Dornock Firth in proximity with a range of barley fields just on the brink of the Royal Burgh of Tain.

This Highland distillery has knowledgeable tour guides and experienced craftsmen who are referred to as the ‘Men of Tain.’ 

This distillery has spent almost 2 centuries making quality single malt whisky using the traditional processes.

To get an insight into the history and foundation of the distillery, as well as the distilling processes involved in the making of this award-winning brand of whisky, you will have to book a tour. This distillery owns some of the largest stills in Scotland and these stills are specially build to ensure the very best production of spirit. The distillery also uses some of the finest casks in the maturation of their whisky.

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