Exclusive Scotch Whisky Tasting with a Local

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Discover famous Scottish whisky with a friendly local in Inverness. Taste different types of fine whisky in a cozy atmosphere. Learn about Scottish traditions and culture.

  • Discover Scottish whisky with a friendly local
  • Learn about whisky making while tasting the best drams
  • Toast with your friends and family

Inverness is a vibrant city in the North of Scotland, located on the banks of the charming River Ness. Discover this small and picturesque city and learn all about the traditions of Scotch Whisky.

True Scotch Whisky reflects the land of its birthplace and the people who created it, in many ways. It is traditionally made from barley and pure, clear water – both of which are in plentiful supply in Scotland. It also needs a cool, damp or moist environment to mature properly. And there’s plenty of cool weather and moisture in this country. There are 3 basic types of ‘Scottish Scotch’: Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Single Grain Scotch Whisky, Blended Scotch Whisky.

Enter the home of your friendly host, located in one of the most vibrant parts of Inverness. Learn as your host shares their knowledge of whisky’s colorful history, its diverse production regions and the art of imparting different flavor profiles into the spirit, all helping you to become an expert taster! Relax in a cozy atmosphere, taste some local whiskies produced in the area, along with a range of Scottish favorites!

Toast with your friends to celebrate this great experience in Inverness!

What’s included
  • Whisky tasting
  • Beverages
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