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The Annandale Distillery was originally founded in 1836 by Dumfries and Galloway. It functioned for some time and went into extinction. A century later in 2014, the facility underwent a total renovation that cost more than £10.5 million.

With a visit to this distillery, you can discover the history surrounding the facility. You can also relax at our coffee shop and have a taste of our exclusive liquor and malt spirit as you browse through our exclusive gifts at the shop.

Annandale is a 21st-century distillery with modern visitors’ center and according to laid down stories; it was the dream of the two great tourists, Dumfries and Galloway.

Annandale Distillery has a rich history, with times when it was used for farming as well as being used as a Johnny Walker distillery that eventually shut down in 1918. After the total renovation, whisky production restarted in early November in the same year (2014) at the facility that came to be known as Annandale Distillery.

A year later, 10th September 2015, the Annandale Distillery and Visitors’ Centre was commissioned by the HRH Princess Royal.

The Annandale distillery produces two brands of whisky especially in honor of two great men in Scotland who have affected Annandale positively; Robert Bruce and Robert Burns. Of these two whisky production styles, one is a fruity and unpeated and is known as Man O’Words while the other is peated and smoky and is called Man O’Sword.

If you’re a whisky enthusiast, then you can gain great knowledge about the history of the Annandale distillery and the processes involved in the production of their ‘New Make Malt Spirit’ and the ‘Rascally Liquor’ that can be bought in the Tam O’Shanter-inspired containers.

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