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Bowmore Distillery

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Bowmore Distillery is arguably one of the longest-serving distilleries in Scotland and factually the first known on the Islay. Whisky tour connoisseurs assert that a tour to this distillery is one of the best anyone can experience.

Bowmore Distillery, launched in 1799, is laid out on the coast of Loch Indaal. It was established by John P. Simpson who was a then local trader and till today, Bowmore Distilleries still produces those handcrafted floor malt barley. The process of fermentation is done using washbacks made of wood.

The fermentation and maturation of the whisky take place in the distillery’s No. 1 Vault. It is arguably the oldest in the country.

A tour of this site and visitors will be treated to invaluable knowledge and first-hand experience of the efforts the distillers put into the process of making the beloved malt barley as well as enjoying the small amount they taste.

There is a special ‘Craftsman Tour’ where visitors get practical experience of the whole process of whisky production.

The distillery has a shop where there are whiskies as old as 12 years and up to 25 years old for purchase.

The queen of Scotland has maintained a cask in this distillery since 1980.

Getting to Bowmore Distillery

If you’re getting to Bowmore by road or ferry, you should check out www.calmac.co.uk

They operate a two-hour long ferry trip from the Kintyre peninsula location of Kennacraig through to the Islay.

If you’re coming by aeroplane, you should book a 35 minutes flight with Flybe. Flybe offers two flights from Glasgow to the Islay, daily. See www.flybe.com for further enquiries.

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