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Caol Ila Distillery

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This is the largest distillery you will find in the Islay. It is located on a beautiful bay and lies just due north of Port Askaig. The distillery boasts more than 6 stills.

You can join the tour of the distillery and see how they make single malt whisky that everyone enjoys and have a chance to enjoy a dram of the exclusive Caol Ila whisky and even take some with you. You can also receive a considerable discount when you buy any of the displayed whisky.

Chocolate and Whisky Tasting

The distillery offers special chocolates from the Highland Chocolatier which they give to visitors as well as allow the tasting of several drams of unique whisky blend. Visitors can enjoy the sundry flavours of the whisky (using customized Glencairn glass) and chocolate.

Cask strength tasting experience

This is an avenue for you to taste up to 5 cask strength whiskies. Visitors can have a taste of the exclusive and unpeated and several other special casks in a cooperage where you can serve yourself the sample. You’d be given a souvenir of a specially branded Glencairn glass as well as a considerable discount when you get a bottle of whisky from the shop.

Blenders masterclass

Caol Ila has made elephant contributions towards the Johnny Walker whisky blend and it is via this Blenders Masterclass tour that you can learn about these. You will be exposed to the skills involved in blending whisky. After everything – the tour experience and all, you can compare your unique blend with a black label Johnny Walker.

Visitors also enjoy day excursion at both the Caol Ila and Lagavulin Distillery. This day excursion involves lunch and exposure to the processes of both distilleries. From Caol Ila to a hotel for lunch and then finally to Lagavulin distillery where you will taste from the warehouse and also get a goodie bag as a souvenir.

Getting there

By Air: If you’re coming by aeroplane, you should get to Islay Airport and then to Port Askaig. From Port Askaig, you should travel just half a mile to the left of a signpost that is just half a mile from the Caol Ila Distillery.

By Ferry: the ferry from port Ellen travels due north towards A846. The distillery is just at the end of the roadside as shown by a signpost and is just half a mile from Port Askaig. Visit www.calmac.co.uk for more information.

By Bus: The Mundell’s Islay Coaches run 24 hours bus service to the ferry close to Port Askaig.

Also, if you’re coming by taxi, you might find it preferable as you will be taken to each distillery without the worry of missing out on any of the drams. Most people find it more convenient.

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