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If you have ever had whisky and chocolate, you will know that some things are just a burst from heaven. However, if you haven’t tried Dalwhinnie whisky, then you haven’t tried something different.  The location of Dalwhinnie distillery was inspired by its proximity with spring water and peats. The distillery makes whisky that is laced with flavours like vanilla, citrus and even heather honey.

Dalwhinnie tour grants visitors the chance to experience memorable touring experience. In 2017, Dalwhinnie tour was named the ‘Best Distillery Tour’ and it is better one book ahead. The tour is often 45 minutes of exposition of visitors into the art of whisky making. After each tour, you will be offered a dram of whisky alongside some chocolate (handmade by the Highland Chocolatier, Ian Burnett), a tasting glass (a souvenir), and a discount slip or voucher which you can redeem at the shop.

The distillery also offers a tasting tour which is a combination of the standard tour and a chance to taste from the six flavours of the distillery’s single malt whisky.

If you cannot make the tour due to tiredness, you can relax at the visitors’ centre and flip through the malt whiskies available for sales or just see a short movie.

Getting here

By road

Travelling south of Inverness, on the A9 road, Dalwhinnie Distillery is just 1.5 hours away. If you’re in Edinburgh, just travel 2 hours north on the A9 road. If you’re using the Fort William route, the distillery is just 1 hour out on A86 and A82 respectively. From Dalwhinnie, you can easily get to several other distilleries which aren’t far away.

By rail

When you get to the Dalwhinnie Railway station, you just have to walk for approximately 10 minutes to reach the distillery.

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