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Glen Garioch Distillery

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In 1797, Glen Garioch Distillery was founded in the old Oldmeldrum, a few miles from Aberdeen. The small distillery was made of granite and named in honour of ‘Garioch valley’ which is where most of the finest barley in the country are grown traditionally.

Glen Garioch distillery has spent more than 2 decades serving whisky lovers with traditionally handcrafted single malt whisky. The goodness of this brand has seen it win many international awards and accolades. It is a good decision to decide to go on a tour of this ancient distillery.

Visit Glen Garioch Distillery

If you are coming by railway to this distillery in the Highlands, you should use Inverurie rail station. It is just 5 miles away from the town of Oldmeldrum where the distillery is located.

If you’re using an aeroplane, stop at Aberdeen airport and complete the journey with a 15-minute car ride.

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