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Highland Park Distillery

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This Highland distillery is worked by descendants of Vikings and provide exceptional efforts in making every exclusive cask.

The distillery has 5 keystones of whisky production, unlike other distilleries and hence its uniqueness in both taste and character.

There are several exclusive tours that visitors can pick from.

The Viking soul Tour, where you would be treated to the origin of the Highland Park, history of the Vikings who run the place and also the history of the distillery. You will also be given a chance to taste a dram or two especially the 12-year-old Vikings Honor and the ‘Hero’ whisky. You are given a discount voucher which you can redeem at the shop.

The Viking Heroes Tour is almost the same as the soul tour except that you’d be treated to the 18-year-old Viking Pride which is arguably the best spirit in the world, in addition to the 12-year-old Vikings Honor.

The Magnus Eunson tour gives you the chance of nosing and tasting of an exclusive range of the distillery’s single malt that is as long as 25-40 years old. You can also acquire a single cask bottle if it is available and receive a customized tasting glass, a framed and signed certificate and a book about the foundations of the distillery, all as souvenirs.

The Viking Legends Experience tour takes a little different twist. You will be opportune to go up Euson’s room to sample some of the super whiskies including Thor, Loki, Ingvar, Freya and Odin. You will also sample the most recent Valkyrie. After the experience, you’d have a customized tasting glass, signed and framed certificate and a book on the distillery’s history, all as souvenirs. You can also purchase a cask bottle of one of the exclusive whiskies if you want.

The Orcadian Vintage Experience tour opens you up to the tour of some of the places in the distillery that are not always open to other visitors. It’s a behind-scenes tour and you will get to meet with the hands responsible for the good whisky that you love so much – the modern day Vikings (descendants of the Vikings). You will be given knowledge of the distillery’s vintage items and years as well as souvenirs after the tour.

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