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Lagavulin Distillery

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The  Lagavulin Distillery is located close to the old Dunyveg Castle towards the south of the Islay. Distilling activities already began in this site in 1742 and that has made it arguably one of the longest-serving distilleries in the country. It was formed as a result of the merging of two illicit distilleries in 1882. 

Lagavulin distillery makes robust aroma whisky which has won several international accolades. Their malts are all peated and distilled slowly and allowed to mature for a long time.

There are various Tours that one can be involved in. a tour of this distillery will give you an insight into whisky making and the traditional processes involved.

The various tours include the distillery tour, where you will be taken around the distillery and allowed to taste a dram and also be given a customized tasting glass and a discount voucher.

The warehouse demonstration gives you insight on this history of the distillery and how the whisky is allowed to mature. This tour does not include the distillery tour and you will be given a customized Glencairn glass as a souvenir and a discount voucher.

There is also the sensory tasting tour which is a newly added tour where you would be taken through the distillery’s sensory kit. The core range tasting tour and the Caol Ila and Lagavulin day excursion involve short tours and a planned distillery trip respectively.

Call to 01496 302769 for more information about visit distillery Lagavulin in Islay.

Getting there

Coming by plane? Drop off at Islay airport and travel to Port Ellen. A few miles from Port Ellen should be headed towards Ardbeg which is one of the distilleries that overlooks Lagavulin. Visit here for more details.

If you’re using a ferry, the ferry should take you to Port Ellen and here you can take a new walk/cycle path that will open you up onto Lagavulin. Visit here for more details. Mundell’s Islay Coaches run every day and every hour except Sundays.

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