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Royal Lochnagar Distillery

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Royal Lochnagar distillery is an Aberdeenshire distillery that is situated near Balmoral Castle, on the far south of River Dee.


This distillery offers visitors several tours like the distillery tour where you visit the warehouse, production room as well as get a complimentary dram of the 12-year-old exclusive whisky ‘ Royal Lochnagar.’

The Royal Lochnagar tasting tour is a combination of the distillery tour and a tasting of the Royal Lochnagar 12-year-old as well as the Distillery Only Bottling (48%) available in limited bottles.

On the Dram at the Dam tour, after the distillery tour, you would be led to the top dam which supplies water to the distillery. At the top dam, you will enjoy the 12-year-old whisky as well as the Distillery Only Bottling (48%) that’s available in European casks made of oak. In case of an unfavourable weather, you can enjoy your dram in an available ‘brand home.’

There is also the Warehouse Tour where you get to serve a dram of the whisky by yourself and enjoy the sample. However, you have to book for this especially by call or email to 013397 42700 and email [email protected] respectively.

This tour takes only 6 people and doesn’t incorporate the distillery tour.

Finally, on the Royal Tour, you will be given traditional cuisines and snacks as well as coffee on arrival. You will be exposed to in-depth knowledge of the distillery and its whisky processes.

After the tour, you will have a taste of the distillery’s special Royal Lochnagar and some other exclusive whisky.

Getting there by road

Just around A93 is Crathie, which is 9 and 8 miles from Braemar and Ballater respectively. That’s the distillery’s location, very close to the Balmoral castle.

If you are coming by rail, from the Aberdeen railways station, this distillery is just 50 miles.

By bus, you will have to use the Stagecoach from either Ballater or Braemar. The bus will stop you at the A93 bus stop and you can walk approximately a mile to the distillery.

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