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Strathisla Distillery

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Heard of Chivas Regal? Here is where it is made – Strathisla Distillery.

If you are looking for Speyside Distillery, this distillery is over 2 centuries old and has served whisky lovers with the very best of what their palates crave.

A guide will take you around the distillery and show you the processes involved in distillation and blending of whisky that this company has adhered to for several donkey years.

If you’re an enthusiast, your experience here will be nothing short of mindblowing. You will learn how whisky is made from natural ingredients and you will also be allowed to inhale the sweet aroma as well as enjoy several drams from the distillery’s exclusive range of matured expressions.

You will experience a traditional distillery our where you would be taken around the distillery and the warehouses where you will see several casks of maturing whisky. You will also taste a dram of four different whiskies.

Another tour is the Chivas Regal Blending experience where you will be shown the process of making the renowned Chivas Regal character. After tasting some drams, you will be allowed to recreate your own blend to your understanding of the Chivas Regal character and you can take your blend home if you want.

The enthusiasts’ tour known as ‘Straight from the Cask’ is where you would be allowed to see some of the limited editions of most treasured single malt whisky, especially from the Chivas Regal portfolio. This tour promises to be an exceptional experience as you will be privy to some knowledge not many people are.

Another important tour is the Chivas Cellar Tasting Tour. Here you can sample a dram right from the cask in the Chivas cellar and these offers are exclusive. You will sample the Chivas Regal Portfolio including expressions that are up to 25 years old and with a natural cask strength. Besides these, you will have souvenirs.

A fly dram experience isn’t compulsory but you can spare some time and enjoy a quick cup of coffee between meals with friends and relatives on the Speyside. There is a barkeeper who would explain the relationship between the Chivas Regal and other expressions of the Strathisla Distillery and will let you taste three important drams – Strathisla 12-year-old Single Malt, Strathclyde Single Grain and the Chivas Regal 18-year-old.

Tours details

Group tours can accommodate a total of 16 persons at most.

Tours are mostly in English, however, there are translation sheets in various languages including Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, German, Dutch and Russian.

You should do your online booking and cancellation. Your payments are refundable 48 hours to the booked time.

You can also view more or learn more of this location using the ScotlandVR app.

Getting there

If you are using the railway, you should alight a Keith railway station.  Seafield Avenue is a 200-meter walk and checks for signs of the distillery.

If you’re coming via aeroplane, follow the A96 from Aberdeen airport and head straight for Inverness. Keith is just an hour’s drive away.

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