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The Famous Grouse Experience

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Want to have an insight into UK’s oldest malt whisky distillery? Then The Famous Grouse Experience might just be what you need. The main distillery is known as Glenturret Distillery and offers visitors with a memorable experience with the very oldest single malt whisky in Scotland. The distillery had adhered strictly to the traditional methods of whisky making which it did some two hundred years ago and the last existing handcrafted mash tun in the country is available in this distillery only. 

This distillery has been functioning since 1775 and has worked its way into the hearts of most of UK’s whisky lovers with its popular blend ‘The Famous Grouse.’

There is an on-site restaurant where you can enjoy several Scottish delicacies and also a distillery shop where you can purchase bottles of the handcrafted whisky and the exclusive ‘Bottle Your Own Glenturret’ whisky that you can draw directly from one of the casks.

If you are a whisky enthusiast and want to have a firsthand experience of the handcrafting process of whisky production or even have a chance to blend your own flavour, book a tour of this distillery today.

You can do The Famous Grouse Experience and others tours visiting the full list of Whisky Tours in Scotland.

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